Be A Queen on Halloween

“Come on, Tory, show me your prom dress!” My best friend, Amber whined as we got our hair done in my princess style room. “Just a sneak peak, it’s not cool.”

I signaled to the girl curling my hair to pause so I could turn to face Amber. “Prom is just like a few hours away, Amber. Chill out! Besides, you will see it before any other person.”

That must have comforted her, as all she did was roll her eyes before saying, “You’re so dramatic.”

Oh, Amber. You have no idea. I think to myself as I turned back towards the mirror, a little smile tugging on my lips.

My school is one of those really preppy schools that is unlike other preppy schools around. While our parking lot is usually packed with all kinds of expensive cars paid for with daddy’s, or in some cases, mummy’s Amex card, the general student populace is no more different from the type you will find in a regular high school. The fine blend of wild, hormonal teenagers and rich parents with a lot of influence affords us the opportunity to get away with so many things.

We throw the wildest parties, case in point, our last homecoming dance was trending on Twitter and YouTube for months after the dance.

It is that time of the year for senior prom, and this will be mine and Amber’s last prom in high school.

“Whose idea was it to have a Halloween themed prom, anyway?” Amber asked me, her eyes seeking mine in the mirror. She was almost done with her hair, I saw. Her beautiful blonde hair was done in chained mermaid braids. I had been too lost in thought to notice the progress of her styling, or even mine at that.

“Oh, my days, Amber. You look so beautiful!” It’s true. She looked like she belonged on Broadway show.

“Thank you.” She said, blushing all the way to her ears. I am not big on giving compliments, but I say things how I see them, so she knows that I really mean it.

“The prom idea was mine,” I said, in response to her question. “The usual prom was getting really old, you know? The girl wears a pretty floating dress or a fitted one that shows half the cleavage, and the boy wears a tux. It has always been that way, and it is getting so lame!”

“Hmm. You have a point.” Amber said, chewing her lower lip.

“And, since prom is in Halloween month, we decided to make it a Halloween themed prom.”

“Kind of like how they choose themes for the Met Gala.”

“Exactly,” I announced, glad that she used the perfect description for it. When people hear Halloween themed, they immediately picture showing up with faux bowels hanging loose, but, we wanted to do something with all the class and all the goth.

“If you will not show me your dress, at least tell me where you got it. I know you didn’t buy anything when we went shopping, and you hate shopping alone.”

She is so right!

“I found it online, will you believe that? I had an idea of who I wanted to go as, but I didn’t see anything in the stores that fit what I had in mind. When I was hanging out on the Internet, I stumbled upon this website called There are various Halloween-themed Lolita products, dresses, and coats, shoes, hats, etc. I was over the moon, Amber!” I was literally bouncing on my seat at this point, much to the annoyance of my stylist. I had been keeping my dress a secret for so long and it felt really good to let that bit drop.

“You sound so excited! So, who are you going as?”

“I’m going as myself,” I said, jutting my chin out and sitting straighter in my chair.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I thought that instead of recreating another famous character, why not give life to another side of myself?”


I know. Sometimes, in my head, I’m a high lady of a court in a faraway land where no one dies or grows old. I wanted to be that high lady for prom, and I have just the dress for that.

When we finished with our hair, we moved on to make up. My raven like hair had been piled up atop my head in a messy, yet classy kind of way, and secured on my curls was a crown of diamond and pearls I had borrowed from my mum. My eyes were smoky and my lips fiery red.

“Ready to see the dress?”

“Can’t wait!” Amber announced, bouncing from foot to foot. She was already wearing her goth mermaid dress. Her version of what rogue Ariel would look like, except, she’s blonde.

I went into my closet to pull my dress on, with the help of my stylist, while Amber waited in the room. I didn’t look at the mirror when I was done, but the look on my stylist’s face was enough for me to know how I looked – almost enough.

I walked gingerly back to the bedroom, to view myself in the floor length mirror there.

“Damn. I mean, your highness.” Amber said, doing a little curtsey. Her eyes were as large as saucers as she stared at me, and I knew that I nailed it!

Standing in front of the mirror with Amber, I took in its details, and really, I don’t think a more perfect dress has been made for me. This dress is made up of two colors, khaki, and golden yellow. The khaki makes you mysterious, and the golden color makes you look nobler. This dress has a wide hat, reminiscent of the Elf Queen in the Lord of the Rings.

“Wow,” I said to my reflection. I look like a fierce and powerful queen, and as I stood there, all I was hoping for was that that fire behind my eyes remain there even when I take off the dress.

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