Colorful Summer With Colorful Lolita Wigs

Everyone is looking to turn it up and get the best deals on clothes or hair and even gym time because the summer is fast approaching. You know that time of the year that your hair should just look effortless like the conventional line “I woke up like this” that a lot of people tend to use. Everything changes, the weather, your skin, your hair. Do you know that colors have a way of affecting you? When you wear to say the certain colors out in the sun, do you feel hotter or is it just the normal temperature? Some colors naturally retain heat but with brighter colors, heat is radiated away from you. Colors even affect your mood sometimes and this is why you need to be deliberate in choosing the colors you associate with especially if it’s for your hair. We’re going to go over some summer colors we think are absolutely fabulous and a must try in the coming season.

Pink /Blue Gradient Wig

You know when an item kind of reflects more than one color probably when the sun just hits it right? Like if the color is pink, a gradient would offer variations of yellow or blue or even purple. This is really eye catching and it does achieve the effortless look you are so keen about. It stands out in the crowd and will definitely cause you to be spotted out easily. It is also a color that is very suitable to accessorize. You could use flowers or hairpins and beautiful hair clips or extensions to better beautify the color just like in the wig below.

Curly Hair Lolita Wig

Do you see how it has highlights of purple and of course blue? It just gives you different dress ideas that could also match your hair. You could also use hairpins which will further accentuate the gradient and it would be more of a statement piece like hair jewelry. Look at this below.

Mixed Color Flower Lolita Hairpin

Light Pink Wig

This color could be another daring and really satisfying choice. You want to look like Katy Perry in pink? Go right ahead and rock that pink hair. Everyone will be looking to treat their hair to some amazing colors and styles anyway so don’t be left out. Try being a pink head. The color naturally suggests some level of adventure and could also be very unassuming or innocent. Take a look below.

Classic Lolita Wigs

You could also try it with this headband which is lacey and would give you that retro look from back in the day. The light pink color is one that beautiful Lolita girls rock and of course with accessories like the lace headband, you’d make heads turn.

Gothic Lolita Headband

Gray/ Black Wig

This is yet another color people would love. Now this one is more subtle and would suggest maturity because it is milder to the eyes and a lot more accommodating. You could say that colors have their meanings and that is why we are giving you an array to choose from.

Remember to accessorize your hair. Different things could fit in or be fitted with your hair depending on how you would want it to look. Lolita girls would definitely choose this as you cannot go wrong with natural wave rolls.

Classic Lolita Wigs

Golden Brown Wig

Now, this is just a beautiful combination of trendy and class. The color is subtle and matured but also Witty and very spontaneous. It dazzles and will accentuate the beauty of a woman. Kind of like caramel, you know the chocolate you like that has a very unique and beautiful color. It combines gold and brown and brings out something really unique. It is the first choice any day and anytime and this is because it can meet the daily utility needs and also be very fashionable, trendy and classy all at once. Enough with the talk and let’s take a look.

Classic Lolita Wigs

So with the different colors that have been brought your way or that has played its way to you, what colors would you rock for the summer? Sometimes it does not even have to be one. You could keep alternating the colors until you get one you really love but, either way, Lolita has got you.

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