Refreshing Summer Lolita Dresses

Cotton white lace bowknot blue sweet Lolita sling dress

Sweet Lolita Sling Dress

This beautiful sweet Lolita lace dress is a perfect wear for spring and summer evening parties. It is a knee- length dress, equipped with ruffles and bow embellishment in different colors including pink, black, yellow, blue and purple. This sleeveless dress with a fancy appearance is what makes the dress perfect party wear. The big bow at the waistline along with the lower lace beauty can help you get a Cinderella appearance at the party.

So, if you want to have a doll appearance at the upcoming family event, this dress is simply perfect. At, we are providing a range of beauty and classy Lolita dresses in all sizes that fit both your body and need.

Blue light sweet series lovely print dress

Lovely Print Dress

This sweet Lolita style dress is a printed dress that is being demanded mainly in light blue and light green color. The dress elegantly features lovely animal series that makes it drastically noticeable. At, we make use of the chiffon material to make the dress a perfect one for casual and party wear during both spring and summer season.

With regards to the style of the dress, the use of laces and bowknot on the neck adds more beauty to the dress, making one appear more like a doll. The length of the sleeves coming up to the elbow add grace to the dress at a much affordable price.

Chiffon Black Sweet Lolita Cape

Lolita Cape

This sweet style chiffon Lolita cape is an attractive party wear for the Lolita girls, designed by lolitas, especially for spring and summer parties. Hence, allowing the females to feel of the limits. Having the bead chain attached to the bowknot at the front along with the sleek belt for the fitting of waste further makes it a non- ordinary dress.

So is it your desire to appear more like a beautiful doll? This fashionable chiffon cape is perfect wear at With 100% quality product guarantee, we are making the dress available in distinctive sizes including small, medium, large and extra- large. Let the cape style with no fitted sleeve enjoy you the summer evening parties!

Chiffon Petal Collar Sweet Lolita Short Sleeve Shirt

Sweet Lolita Short Sleeve Shirt

This sweet style classic lolita chiffon petal collar shirt is a perfect wear for a small gets together in the summers evening. It is fashionable to wear with frills on the short sleeves and on the waistline and the elegance of the fungus lace cuff, offering a perfectly fresh and doll look.

At we are offering our customers reflect a gentle temperament by providing the shirt in exclusive sizes that fits your body well. The lovely doll collar attached in petal shape enhances the beauty of the dress, giving one a more elegant look. This shirt can also be utilized as casual wear in the office, especially during the meeting days. We also offer white and apricot color of the shirt.

Light blue bowknot lace sweet Lolita short sleeves dress

Sweet Lolita Short Sleeves Dress

This sweet style light blue Lolita dress is a perfect dress for summers, usually designed for Lolita girls to be worn at the tea party. The use of cotton fabric for the production of the dress makes it an embellishing one. Short baby sleeves along with the round strip at the neck make it’s a fashionable dress. The use of lace and complementary bows at the front makes it further attractive.

At we make it available in different sizes and colors including light green. Purchasing of the dress gives a more beautiful and cute look since it has nothing to do with being sexy. The single outfit has become a great hobby of girls to represent themselves more like a doll.

Pink cotton short sleeves white lace classic Lolita dress

Classic Lolita Dress

This sweet Lolita lace dress is a classic dress, utilized as casual wear among the girls who intend to appear more like a doll. The cotton lace on the neck along with the ribbon bow at the waist line makes it an elegant, attractive and noticeable dress. The short sleeves attached to the dress adds further elegance to the dress.

At we are offering a variety of cotton lace dress in the beautiful pink color in distinctive sizes. Want to have it tailored to get a perfect fitting for you? Choose us to have your beautiful cotton short sleeve dress ready for you.

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