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A raw touch of feminine cuteness to fashion is rather rare in this age. The Lolita statement, however, preserves its unique doll-like cuteness and this statement is incomplete without the Lolita shoes. This fashion is a sub-culture with unidentified origins and under the Victorian influence. The fact that Lolita fashion has been mainstreamed by the Japanese makes its aesthetic appeal embedded in femininity very explicable. What makes the Lolita special? How do these shoes make an inimitable feminine fashion statement? How do you create a look of your own with the Lolita shoes? Find answers to all your questions below!

Cotton Lace Classic Lolita Short Sleeve Dress

The Shape Itself is Lolita!

Lolita footwear is often confused with the round toe-box May jane shoes which were designed largely as unisex footwear for kids. Lolita shoes are an indispensable part of the fashion Lolita sub-culture which epitomizes the charm of timeless and ageless feminine cuteness. The Mary Jane shape is just one type of Lolita shoes. A signature cutesy Lolita footwear has a broad and round toe-box with at least one strap which may be a carefully crafted laced strap or a modest one.

The round toe-box and bows or lace add-ons are a perfect compliment to classically bell-shaped and ruffled Lolita dresses.

A specific sort of Lolita shoe will complete a look for one specific kind of dress so you simply can’t throw one pair of Lolita shoes with any dress you like the shape must be Lolita itself!

Classic Lolita OP Half Sleeve Dress Set

Styles For All Appeals!

Lolita, a street fashion sub-culture, has evolved over the decades and different styles have been curated. Head out on a street in Japan or tune into some anime show and you will find different types of Lolitas, each making her own style statement and radiating a charm of her own. With Lolita fashion, it may be about a sweet and soft doll-like Lolita, a classical Victorian reflection or a dark Gothic one. This fashion sub-culture is about having one’s own definition of charming and beautiful and dressing up to create one’s fantasy of bliss. Each style is an embodiment of this freedom and feminine choices, and so are the Lolita shoes.

Sweet Lolita Shoes: The Sweet Lolita Style is the epitome of young femininity, a manifestation of fantasy in itself with a bow on it. It is easily recognizable in its fancy designs, girlish colors from all palettes and exuding fairy charm. The sweet Lolita is a teenage-style bliss of childhood of fantasies and it is for those who create happiness on their own terms. It’s a pair of lovely shoes.

Bow Decoration Platform Girls Lolita Shoes

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Classic Lolita Shoes: The Classic Lolita style is the conventional street and practical fashion niche of this sub-culture which is less of fantasy and more of regular wear. This style is low on the laces and fancy designs are graceful, mature and modest in its design. While reflecting grace, it is purely a Lolita and symbolized the untainted and timeless cuteness of femininity. The shades are lighter in tone including the nude tinges.

Bow Straps Platform Girls Lolita Shoes

Gothic Lolita Shoes: The Gothic Lolita style is based on darker themes. It involves thicker and darker shades and shady accessories but not necessarily black. The add-ons would most definitely be the shapes of a cross, bones or even skull.

Gothic Lolita Heels Shoes with Detachable Angel Wings

How to Create Your Lolita Look?

It is important to understand the real meaning of Lolita fashion before one can curate their own look. On one end it was mainstreamed by the practical street-fashion followed by thousands of young girls in Japan and on the other end it has become a symbol of feminine cuteness and a definition of fashion which reflects a unique sense of style for the sake of one’s own happiness. You need to understand whether you wish to live your princess dream on an occasion with a pair of princess shoes, make the graceful Lolita a signature fashion statement of your own match the darkest of vibes on a cosplay night.

Make the colors sync: If you understand what kind of Lolita statement you wish to make then you need to know that this sub-culture is deeply rooted in a raw sense of aesthetics. You should understand the color schemes. If you wish to be a Sweet Lolita then you should pair some very girlish tones, a ruffled skirt or a flowy but volumized dress with matching Lolita shoes.

You can pair a Candelilla dress with pink high heel Lolita shoes or you may like to throw nude flat heel shoes with a classic Lolita dress. Another combination can be a short sleeves dress with some high heel Lolita shoes.

Overall Look: If you are going for a darker theme then it is important to go for an overall darker look with black hair, thick lips and eyes, and darker clothing and shoes. You may want to pair them with white stockings. A classic Lolita look is incomplete without a bell-shaped shirt which is knee-length and it is pretty much a signature to wear longer shocks to make a complete Lolita look.

The Lolita fashion has sprung out of Japan and has taken over the western style and street-fashion very quickly. What may have been a cosplay option a few years ago is now a go-to fashion choice for many girls. If you are one of those girls who are interested in the Lolita footwear and to create a style statement of their own regardless of the occasion, you should pay special attention to the aesthetics. The color schemes are very important and so are the designs. Lolita footwear is now very easily available in the markets. You should be careful about the leather quality and take all the necessary precautions that any leather footwear requires. Most importantly, remember that Lolita footwear is something that doesn’t appeal to every eye. It is a fashion statement that you make for yourself, be a fairy or walk the street like a Victorian countess, do what you like because that’s what Lolita footwear lets you do!

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