Chapter One – Class, Meet Aurora

Mr. Rogers entered his calculus class looking like someone dragged him out of bed, dressed him up and put him on a bus, without him being fully awake to protest about the choices they made. The result was that when he entered his class, his students snickered at his appearance.

“Hey, Mr. Rogers! Bad night? Did you sleep in your work cloth?” Asher, the captain of the football team said, eliciting mocking chuckles from the rest of the class. If Rogers had a coin for every time Asher has been a pain in his behind, he would never need to work again. The boy has all the manners of the cliché bad boy, high school football player, and the brains of a genius. It is for the latter that Rogers stands all his shenanigans, and allows him to get away with a lot of things. He’s his best student, and he gets privileges, but on days like this, he could do without a loud student in his class.

It crossed his mind briefly to send the boy to detention, but that will only leave him with a bunch of dimwits and halfwits and few smart ones.

“Shut up, Asher.” he snapped, which only caused the jock to smile broadly. He had gotten under his skin, again.

“Settle down, guys. We’ll be having a new student in today, and I want you all to be on your best behavior.”

“Isn’t it a bit too late in the year to take in new students?” Jemima, one of the cheerleaders asked. Rogers secretly thinks that she’s only in calculus class because of Asher, judging from the way she’s always looking at him, instead of the board, or even her note.

“Yes, Jemima, it is. But, exceptions can be made for very smart students. This means we have someone coming to give you all a run for your money, possibly.” He was addressing the whole class, but he was looking at Asher, who only smiled his winning smile and shrugged nonchalantly. Asher has always been confident in his abilities; he had been brought up that way. His father had told him that no matter who is in the room, he’ll always be better than them. He’d been taught to put in the work, and he had always been the best everywhere he goes. So, the thought of another being better than him is not something in his scope of imagination or even understanding.

“Very well then, let’s get down to business,” Rogers announced, and that was the hint for everyone to bring out their books.

Halfway into the class and the teacher was feeling better than when he came in, the students were talking less and thinking more, just the way Rogers likes it. It was at this point of balance that the principal poked his head into their classroom.

“Sorry to bother your class Mr. Rogers, but I have a new student I’ll like to introduce to you,” she said, adjusting her immaculate suit as she entered.

“Please, welcome Aurora to our school. She was a mathematics champ at her former school, and I’m sure she’ll be an excellent addition to our school.” she turned around, thinking the new student was behind her, but she wasn’t. This really piqued the student’s interest, and they started whispering among themselves, all of them turned expectantly towards the door, waiting for Aurora to appear.

Some of them thought she was shy, which is highly plausible. Jemima thought she was ugly because to her, beauty is all that matters. The general atmosphere was one of interest, so when Aurora stepped into the class, everyone, except principal Gates found their lower jaw separated from the upper jaw.

Aurora James has a flair for the dramatic, and she never ceases to bring it with her wherever she goes. Her beauty in itself is in a dramatic sort of way, and her choice of outfit always makes her stand out. Today, she was wearing a knee-length, dark blue sling dress with the different phases of the lunar eclipse printed on the fabric. She wore a long sleeved white shirt underneath it, the one that has ruffles around the neck and sleeve. The dress is not very short, but she still elected to wear a pair of white, bunny embroidered thigh high socks, and a pair of round-toe, lace ruffle shoes with very thick soles. The crown jewel of her ensemble is the pink wig with long wavy hair and air bang that accentuates her face perfectly.

The overall effect of her outfit gave her the look of someone that stepped right out of a high-end Japanese anime movie, just as she intended, and as it was also her intent, she had the attention of the whole class.

“Well, this is Aurora, be nice to her.” Principal Gates said firmly, not noticing the varying kinds of look the students were giving the new girl. She left the teacher and students to their business, and again, Aurora found herself facing yet another bunch of high school kids with stupefied expressions on their faces. It wasn’t the first time she’d be changing school, so she was very familiar with all the ‘traditions’ that went into welcoming a new student. And since she has never been one for tradition, she took charge of her own introduction, instead of waiting to be called.

“Hi everyone. My name is Aurora James, and I am very happy to be a student here,” she announced, giving all of them her best smile. The teacher, Mr. Rogers was the first to regain use of his tongue again.

“Welcome, Aurora. Please, take your seat.” he pointed to a window seat, right next to a good looking boy.

When she was seated, she brought out her phone from her pink, seashell-shaped bag and sent a message.

“I am in.”

Chapter Summary

Aurora James is a new student in yet another school. On her first day, she showed up in a decidedly rather dramatic attire that turned heads, made jaws drop, and gave her new classmates’ different opinions about her.

The chapter ends with a little suspense as she sends a cryptic message to an unknown person.

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